Tips on how to move interstate

Tips on how to move interstate

Moving across town or even around the block can be stressful enough. Moving to a new state brings a different problem and adds a new expense at every turn. Your only option isn’t to accept the inevitable and pay the price for a bad move. Instead, careful planning and making a few good choices can make your move easier and less expensive. 

Moving interstate doesn’t have to be stressful. Download our comprehensive moving house checklist for a smoother and easier relocation.

Hire experienced interstate movers

Many people think that the best way to save money is to do everything on their own. While a local move might allow you to move a few items at a time, interstate moves demand that everything is done on a massive scale. That means coordinating cancellations and shut-offs at the old place with preparation and turn-ons at the new one. At the same time, you need everything boxed and ready to move in a single load. Accomplishing this is much more difficult than it sounds.

All interstate moving companies aren’t the same. Most offer the same services to every client no matter what their needs. Prestige Moving is a small, family-owned moving company with years of experience. We use only the best quality equipment to deliver the most professional results. Our movers are trained to move your belongings professionally and with the same degree of care they would give their own. We offer great value by giving you the custom services you need. You only pay for what you need to make your move more affordable.

Professional interstate movers provide the materials and the expertise for packing and unpacking. They can accomplish in one day what it takes the average individual a week or more to do. They also know how to pack fragile items to prevent them from breaking along the way. If you try to do the job in a rush, you’re likely to put less effort into protecting your belongings as you go. In the end, paying a little more to have a professional interstate moving company pack your belongings can save you money in the long run

2. Consider your storage options

Sometimes things don’t go according to plan. This is especially true when you move your entire life to a different home in another state. No matter how carefully planned out you have every detail, the reality might turn out to be quite different. What if your furniture doesn’t fit into your new space? Or if you realise you need new carpeting before putting everything in place?

Check with the interstate movers to see what storage options they have available. Whether it’s for short-term until you have the new home ready or long-term until you decide what to do with excess items, available storage can keep your items safe until you’re ready for them.

Of course, the best option is to get rid of anything you don’t need or want before the move. Cutting down on the number of items moved translates into lower moving costs. Go through everything in advance and see what items to sell, give away, or throw away. You might be surprised at how much you really can do without.


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3. Keep move-related documents close

Most people know to keep personal items that they will need first at their new home separate and carefully marked. What many people don’t consider are the documents they need when they arrive. Place all the documents related to the move in a container that you can keep with you. Don’t put them in the moving truck.

4. Know the quarantine laws for your destination state

Australian quarantine laws regarding plants, animals and animal products and agricultural equipment vary from state to state. Learn the rules before you run into issues over items that might have strict rules and regulations that apply.

5. Consider special needs for your equipment and/or collectables

Two types of items require special care when moving: those that are fragile and those that are large. Computers, pianos, pool tables, and your art collection are some examples of special items. When it isn’t possible to put them in a box with protective wrap, you need to think about what it does take to ensure their safe transport.

Some interstate movers specialise in some types of these items. Others have enough experience in moving things from state to state that they know what it takes to do so safely. One of the most important features to look for in interstate movers is experience. When you find them, discuss your special needs for those items that require out of the box thinking.

Don’t wait to start planning your interstate move. Contact Prestige Moving and get a free quote. We’re here to help you with every step of your interstate move for an easier, less stressful, and more affordable move.


Download Our Free Moving House Checklist!