Comparing End of Lease Cleaning Prices — Tips to Get you the Best Deal

Comparing End of Lease Cleaning Prices — Tips to Get you the Best Deal

  • September 17 , 2018
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In the age of ‘DIY’ or ‘Do It Yourself’, what’s the case for ‘Done for You’?

One the major deterrents to using end of lease cleaning services initially may be the cost. It may feel like you’ve already tacked on so many little expenses — from eating take-away, because everything is packed away to closing costs on your new place — that ‘DIY’ makes the most sense.

But think about what you could do with your time when it’s suddenly freed up by hiring out. It’s especially beneficial to opt for professional services if you have a security deposit on the line.

More than a few tenants have had issues with finicky or picky landlords who have withheld security deposits at the end of a lease or rental term just because they ‘felt’ something was not right with cleaning.

The peace of mind that comes with hiring end of lease cleaning services, then, goes far beyond merely regaining time. Professional cleaning services know exactly what needs to be done for properties to pass inspections.

If you’re wondering ‘How much does end of lease cleaning cost?’, Contrary to popular belief, end of lease cleaning prices are highly affordable — and you can use these tips to get the best deal.

1) Get Specific with your Tasks for a Good Quote

End of lease cleaning means getting your rental home or unit as clean as it was when you first moved in. No doubt, your landlord probably hired cleaners to perform this task themselves.

When you’re looking for end of lease services, the first thing to do is survey your home and go through all of the things that will need to be addressed. Your cleaners will take care of quality and depth of the clean — it’s your job, right now, to determine the what — what needs to be cleaned?

Don’t leave anything out. Go through each room with a notepad in hand, ready to mark down tasks and consider every corner of your house, asking questions like:

  • Will the heavy curtains need to be aired out, dusted and washed?
  • What about the window sills and windows?
  • Does your ceiling have crown moulding?
  • Are your wooden cabinets screaming for a good wipe down and polish?
  • Do the edges on your doors have smudges on them from your hands’ natural oils and day-to-day dirt?
  • Will your kitchen exhaust fan or bathroom exhaust fan need to be cleaned of dust and/or grease?

Leave nothing out.

Professional cleaners are very upfront about their costs and end of lease cleaning prices. But if you don’t put it in, their price will include ‘contingencies’ to protect them from the potential added cost of having to come back to fix a clean or if you suddenly decide, while they’re on the job, that you meant to include something that wasn’t considered.

Specificity here works in both your favours: For example, if you decide you want the bedroom cleaned but you’re going to do the carpets yourself, that’s a significantly cheaper quote because you’re not just putting ‘bedroom’ — you’re actually detailing everything that does require attention.

2) Have your Cleaners Quote you for an Unfurnished Space


Household interior items like carpets, fine rugs, or heavy cloth curtains can be considered furnishings. To keep your quote low and get the best deal, you might want to consider packing these items away or removing them from the custom quote if you own them and they were not part of the rental agreement.

Go through your space and consider any furniture or fixtures that either don’t need to be included in the quote or that are going to be physically moved and won’t need to be addressed by your cleaning service providers.

Make sure to leave these items out and ask for a quote for an unfurnished space if your rental property came unfurnished.

3) Compare Quotes


Once you’ve made that comprehensive list of things you do want to be cleaned, approach a few choice cleaners in the area. While word of mouth referrals from family and friends is a great way to hear about a trusty, professional cleaner, make sure to still do your research.

Do check online reviews and make sure that a positive experience is a consistent one for that particular company.

Remember that when you’re comparing quotes, qualitative factors like transparency, caring, pride of work and trust will take your dollar farther than simply a ‘cheaper’ quote. Give all of these their due weight in consideration because these values are what transform your experience from disastrous to spotless.

4) Know What You’ll Need to Clean

Though every state generally requires that premises be kept ‘reasonably clean’, some local regulatory bodies or real estate agents might issue suggestions to help you know what to cover and address in your end of cleaning routine.

Routine inspections in Victoria, for example, for rental properties may include windows, window coverings, flyscreens, exhaust fans, floor coverings, paintwork, sinks, kitchen and bathroom surfaces, mould, decks, patios, etc.

5) Go for the Average


And, finally, if you’re looking to keep your end of lease cleaning services quote low, consider taking on some rooms yourself. For example, the average price for a three-bedroom and two-bathroom house (which are the most common sizes, by the way), can start from $120 depending on the brand you go with.

The worst thing is having to chase a landlord who has taken a portion of money out of your security deposit or bond to ‘cover’ the expenses for something they didn’t find ‘clean’ and has promised to give you back the rest — then doesn’t follow through.

Partnering with professional cleaners providing end of lease cleaning services means that you can gain a tax receipt and show this as proof for a full bond refund.

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