Top Tips from Prestige for Moving House at Christmas

Top Tips from Prestige for Moving House at Christmas

If there is an ideal time to move a house, it’s rarely during the holiday season. At this particular time of the year, you dream of indulging in all the merrymaking, but if you have decided on moving house at Christmas, you’ve got to consider that it could be more stressful than usual.

The whole process can get on top of you with selling the property, purchasing another one, packing all your stuff and moving. You also want to make sure that your work and the kids’ school routines are not interrupted.

You can just imagine how things would go along and there’s that added pressure of wanting to be settled in comfortably in your new home before Christmas Day itself amidst the shopping for gifts and preparing some gastronomic delights. To help you out, we came up with some tips to keep you calm and enjoy the festive period.

Set the Date and Pack Early

You must have a plan to follow and this includes a specific date that you and the rest of the family have agreed upon in advance. Once you have a date in mind, you can begin organising so the move can proceed smoothly and you can avoid the surprises that typically come with improvising. Start packing a couple of weeks before the designated date and select a spot to stage all your boxes. Go room by room and take all the non-essentials – items that you won’t be bringing along. Moving is actually a great time to de-clutter!

Book a Reliable Removals Company

Let professional Melbourne movers handle majority of the hard work so you and your family can enjoy the spirit of Christmas. Engaging the services of a reputable removal company is well worth every penny and will surely speed up your relocation project. By hiring removalists early, you can leave the tedious packing, transportation and unpacking of all your prized possessions in their hands. You’ll have a safe, efficient and cost-effective move when you enlist the help of seasoned removalists.

Clear up the Snow

While most people dream of having a white Christmas so they can spend time playing in the snow, doing snowball fights, making snowmen, and going sledge tobogganing, snow can be cumbersome when relocating. In addition, the inclement weather can pose serious problems for your move. Ice, snow and sleet can make carrying boxes and heavy items a dangerous task. They can also hinder the removal truck from driving and it can even get stuck. A smart thing to do is to salt your pathway and driveway to ensure the removalists don’t slip when carrying your belongings. Keep everyone safe and make sure you have extra warm clothes on moving day.

Stay on Top of Your Bills

With all the shopping to be done and all the various aspects of the move, you can easily forget your bills. You certainly don’t want debts accruing so make sure you pay off your utility bills and see to it that you set up new accounts for your new house. The last thing you want is to have zero heating, gas or electricity. You can imagine the hassles you’ll go through when you’re cooking the turkey and putting up fairy lights on the tree when all of a sudden the utility provider cuts you off because you failed to notify them.

Decorate and Celebrate

“It’s the season to be jolly!” Don’t let the move douse the spirit of Christmas and don’t forget what the season is all about. Although you got a lot of things on your moving house Melbourne checklist and the relocation can be quite challenging, don’t miss out on the holiday traditions that your family do. Get the tinsel out and decorate to make your new abode feel homely so everyone can adjust faster. Look for gatherings in your new community. Christmas is a time to get together and an excellent reason to meet your new neighbors!

If you’re looking for assistance with your move this Christmas, our festive team here at Prestige Moving is more than willing to lend a hand. We can handle all the packing, moving and unpacking of your goods to ensure you have a meaningful Yuletide season. Contact us for further info or to discuss the details of your move. Happy Holidays!