What Are the Requirements for End of Lease Cleaning Services?

What Are the Requirements for End of Lease Cleaning Services?

  • September 24 , 2018
  • Moving  

An important part of the process of moving out of your home involves cleaning it.

And this is not just a spot clean — states in Australia have specific end of lease cleaning requirements that you’ll have to abide by especially if you hope to get your bond back.

Also known as ‘exit cleans’, end of lease cleaning requirements are a set guidelines intended to help you address specific areas and items inside and outside your rental area that will need to be cleaned — returned to the landlord, as much as possible, in it’s ‘original’ condition.

In general, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, walls, floors and interiors are standard areas to address for cleaning. Some spaces like balconies and laundry rooms are not included so they’re not necessarily packaged as a service when you hire professional end of lease cleaners.

For residents who are tenants in Melbourne, we’ve got a handy checklist right here. You can also use this checklist to gain a quote from professional cleaning services, making sure that what they’re offering fulfils your end of lease cleaning requirements.

When in Melbourne…


In Melbourne, an end of lease cleaning is required for you to get your bond back. This is usually once your lease is over or if you happen to be breaking the lease. You’ll want to focus on areas that are usually not thought of or addressed in a regular clean as well as the basics.

For example, re-painting, cleaning up your garden (mowing and de-weeding), or grout and gutter cleaning may be part of an agent’s requirements.

These are the exteriors and are separate services that might have their own specialists. If you can take care of some of these requirements yourself — like mowing the lawn or cleaning the gutters — do it! Instead, re-route your money towards hiring professional cleaners for other aspects of your end of lease clean.

Usually, it’s the interiors that will need professional cleaning services. This is because of all the various surfaces and product requirements. There can be issues like cleaning air ducts or removing built-up scale from taps and tiles in bathrooms.

Besides cleaning the windows, walls, kitchen, bedrooms and halls, end of lease cleaning requirements will also require that you clean anything you’re ‘leaving behind’. These are things like carpets, the upholstery on any drapes, furniture or appliances left behind.

Keep in mind that if you’re using a real estate agent, they will have their own requirements that may include additional items of cleaning, beyond this list.

End of Lease Cleaning — Kitchen

  • Clean the stove and oven of any grease stains
  • Soak and clean the range hood, wiping it down.
  • Clean any stainless-steel appliances on the inside and out
  • Wash and wipe down all surface areas and benches in the kitchen
  • Wipe down all the cupboards
  • Clear the rubbish disposal of any food and then wipe it down
  • Clean the area behind all appliances; refrigerator, dishwasher and microwave

End of Lease Cleaning — Bathroom and Laundry

  • Clean and wipe down all baths, toilets, bathroom screens, basins and toilets.
  • Wash all surfaces in the bathroom, including tiled areas and any bench tops
  • Remove any mould and mildew from grout and ceilings
  • Clean all sinks and taps
  • Wipe down any ceiling fans and mirrors


End of Lease Cleaning — Walls and Floors

  • Make sure to fill in any holes in the wall, re-paint and spot-clean scuff marks
  • First vacuum and then professionally steam clean carpets
  • Sweep and mop tiled floors and floorboards
  • Clean the wall and floor areas behind appliances, such as the refrigerator, freezer, microwave, washing machine and dryer

Cleaning of the Interiors

  • Remove dust or cobwebs from walls, window sills and eaves
  • Clean and empty wardrobes, cupboards, shelving and drawers
  • Wipe clean all window ledges, architraves, skirting boards, picture rails and doors
  • Clean windows, sliding doors and fly screens inside and out
  • Wipe down air conditioner, cleaning vents, wash and dry filter
  • Clean ceiling fan blades
  • Clear door and window tracks
  • Clean venetian and vertical blinds
  • Wash and dry-clean curtains
  • Wipe over all switches, door hardware and surrounds
  • Clean any furniture provided and place in original position


As you can see, the end of lease requirements are extensive. Most individuals opt for professional cleaning services because service teams bring in the best equipment with eco-friendly products.

Some agent requirements call for the cleaning of balconies, walls, fridges, garage and blinds. These may be considered extras, so you’ll have to specify and communicate this to your professional cleaning service if you’d like these areas cleaned.

Keep in mind that ovens and range hoods, bench-tops and splashbacks, polish taps and sinks, as well as the inside and outside of cabinets and pantries, are usually covered by a professional cleaning team.

Check the methods of your providers because you may have a preference for technique, as an agent or landlord requires, but your cleaner may not provide that specific technique as a standard. For example, the most effective way to restore a carpet to its original condition is to dry clean it. But you may prefer a steam clean for an end of lease cleaning service. This can usually be accommodated but might end up costing you a bit extra.

Once you’re done with your ‘end of lease’ clean, get in touch with us about moving.