Enjoy More Space In Your Home With These Storage Ideas From 1800 We Store It

Enjoy More Space In Your Home With These Storage Ideas From 1800 We Store It

  • January 24 , 2022

Whether you live in a comfortable apartment, a tiny house, or a four-bedroom property, you’ll always be lacking storage space. Humans naturally accumulate tons of items they don’t actually need over the years, yet feel pained to throw them away, even when they are no longer usable. From seasonal objects like winter clothes to old yearbooks and trophies, you’ll probably want to keep this someplace safe—but your home simply can’t accommodate them!

Luckily, there are a few ways you can economise your living space to make room for the things you need the most. Everything else that you can’t bear to throw away but won’t need right away can sit comfortably in clean storage until you’re ready to use them again. Thanks to our friends at 1800 We Store It, here are four ways to enjoy more storage space in your home:


Organise Your Garage

If you’ve got a garage, then you’ve got yourself the most valuable space in the house that’s perfect for housing storage. Although many people use it for items that objectively belong in the rubbish, it has the most significant storage potential. However, you can use your garage to store many different items, like holiday decorations, lawn equipment, and other things you may need from time to time. You can also install overhead storage racks to ensure you take advantage of the vertical space you have available to you. Keep in mind that if you plan to store valuable items in this space, you’ll want to set up an alarm system, a heavy, fortified garage door, and a sturdy lock.


Go Vertical in Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is the busiest room of your home, which means you’ve probably got a ton of things in there that could use some organising. However, navigating your kitchen means investing in some vertical storage options, so everything is neat and orderly. You can put the items you frequently use in the lower racks, so you don’t have to climb countertops or grab a ladder to reach them. The higher shelves can store your precious porcelain or expensive dinnerware, which you’ll take out only during special occasions. 


Optimise Your Bathroom

Disorderly bathroom counters are incredibly common, and for a good reason: many people have different hygiene habits, which means a seemingly endless amount of products they use. It’s also the room that many people spend time in while having the most unoptimised storage layout. 

However, you can change this by installing open shelving options in your bathroom. You can also put baskets behind the door to make sure you take advantage of every bit of available space in the room. Having a designated area for your bathroom items will make it easier to get ready in the morning.


Consider Self Storage

If you’re still overflowing with items even after organising your whole house, then you may want to consider cheap storage space instead. Opting for a self-storage facility is the best way to secure your items without cluttering your home. You’ll have your storage room equipped with a PIN code, ensuring that only you can access this space. Self-storage rooms are equipped with the latest fire and smoke detection systems on every floor, ensuring that your items are safe from damage. You’ll never have to worry about an overstuffed home again. 



Whether you’re a packrat or a minimalist, you’re probably itching for more storage space. Luckily, these four tips are sure to free up some areas in your home while removing clutter from your sight. If you have a ton of sentimental possessions you’d just hate to throw away, then clean storage space is truly your best option!

If you’re looking for self storage in Melbourne, 1800 We Store It is here to help. Get in touch with us today to get a quote. We have a wide range of storage solutions available that can help to declutter your home.