Top Tips to Consider While Shortlisting Cheap Movers in Melbourne

Top Tips to Consider While Shortlisting Cheap Movers in Melbourne

  • November 20 , 2017
  • Moving  

If you plan to move to a new location, you need to come up with a shortlist of cheap yet reliable removalists in Melbourne. It would be great if you can leave all the stress and hassle of packing, transporting and unpacking to a reputable company like Prestige Moving . They have the knowledge and expertise on how to pack, handle and move your prized possessions to your new home or office without any damage. So, if you haven’t thought about hiring a service provider yet, it’s time that you find a good one. Here are some important tips to consider while choosing cheap movers in Melbourne.

Ask for an On-site Written Quote

It may be easier to request for an estimate, but you may be shocked as to how much the total cost could rise when you include the additional charges and incidental costs. It is therefore advisable to ask a moving company to send over a representative and thoroughly inspect your belongings and then provide a written on-site quote. This will give you a more precise calculation of the final cost of your relocation project. Moreover, by having all the charges put in writing after taking into account each and every factor, you’ll deal with less pressure of incurring incidental costs.

Once you’ve obtained written quotes from each company on your shortlist, see to it that you study the services included in the quoted price. Don’t settle for cheap quotes right away. While we all want to save money whenever possible, you must find a service provider that can deliver top-notch service without busting the budget.

Experience and Expertise

Moving is generally regarded as a cumbersome and complicated process. You want all your belongings to arrive in your new home or office in the same condition as they were before packing. Hence, you cannot afford to experiment and take risks with some relatively unknown companies. Only a trusted removalist can handle the challenges of efficiently moving homes and offices. With that said, go for a mover that has been in business for at least five years. These are the companies that have proven track records in successfully helping people to relocate. Moreover, experienced removalists can assure a low risk of damage throughout the moving process.
References and Client Testimonials

More often than not, insights on the best movers in Melbourne. will come from people you know. So, try to seek references of removalists that your friends and relatives may have used in the past. And since most things can now be easily found online with a couple of mouse clicks, it would be a good idea to conduct a background check by looking into customer reviews and testimonials from past clients. You can also search for the removal company on Facebook and other social media platforms where you’ll also find actual and straightforward reviews by customers. This is an excellent way to determine what you can expect from a removalist. Do your research well and you can spare yourself from a lot of headaches and you’ll reduce the chances of making a wrong decision.

Steer Clear from Brokers or Independent Moving Contractors

The burgeoning moving industry has led to a significant increase in the number of brokers or moving contractors. These people are constantly in the hunt for moving projects in their respective areas only to close the deal with an affiliate removal company in the end. In between such dubious dealings, they earn a substantial commission from both the client and the company. It’s never a good idea to strike a deal with a broker or independent contractor. What you ought to do is to look for a state approved removalist or one that has been accredited by the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA).

Go for Flat Rates Instead of Hourly Rates

In most instances, it is difficult to decide whether to choose flat rate or hourly rate when hiring a moving firm. However, if you’re not in for any considerable risks, it is always advisable to go for the flat rate option because it will guarantee the right amount that you’ll be paying in the end. As for hourly rates, they may seem more affordable, but bear in mind that there are some movers who deliberately delay the whole process just to earn the extra sum for hours that exceed the estimated time duration. The bottom line is that the flat rate option assures you a steady deal.

All the aforementioned tips can help you make a shortlist and find an efficient, reliable and cost effective removal company like Prestige Moving. Get in touch . with them to get an obligation free quote based on your requirements. They believe in implementing the best practices in the industry. They will handle your items with care and make your move less hectic and stressful.