Top Tips on Choosing the Best Removalists in Melbourne

Top Tips on Choosing the Best Removalists in Melbourne

  • October 31 , 2017
  • Moving  

So you have finally decided to move home! You’ve gone through all the motions of finding a new residence, probably in a new suburb, perhaps closer to friends or relatives, and maybe even a new job or a new school for the kids. You’ve also decided to engage the services of a removalist to help move your prized possessions…but who?… and how?

It can be a daunting and overwhelming process because there seems to be dozens of removalists in Melbourne these days. So how can you separate the wheat from the chaff? How do you tell who’s legit and who’s a fly-by-night operator? Here are some quick tips to choosing the best mover in Melbourne:

Make a List

The first logical thing to do is collect information for at least three moving companies. Asking recommendations from family, friends and coworkers is an excellent way to get the names of local removal companies like Prestige Moving. You may also refer to Yellow Pages to filter some local movers then conduct a background check on those potential service providers.

Is the Company AFRA Accredited?

After checking out a few firms and beginning to get a feel for the various options available, the next step is to check the list of accredited members on the website of the Australian Furniture Removalist Association (AFRA). It is the official body of removal experts that help in regulating the removals industry. It is consulted by government agencies before making crucial decisions about the industry. A company that is AFRA accredited is bound by a code of conduct and should have complied with its strict guidelines. This helps ensure that you’ll be dealing with a mover that delivers first-rate services.

Read Online Reviews and Client Testimonials

Some removalists will tell you all sorts of stuff just to make you hire their services, but the best way to tell if the company you’re talking to is the real deal is to browse through their online reviews. Simply Google the name of the service provider and include ‘reviews’ at the end of your search phrase. Check the different review sites and note what previous clients have to say. If majority sing their praises about how efficiently moves are completed, you’re most likely onto a good thing.

Beware of Cheap Hourly Rates

In most cases, when it sounds too good to be true, it really is. In your search for the best removalist in Melbourne, you will encounter companies with low hourly rates, which can be quite tempting. Bear in mind that sometimes such rates are not inclusive of everything that ought to be covered such as insurance, well-maintained transport vehicles, and trained personnel who are being paid correctly. Some companies are not frank and forthright about their charging and on top of their stated hourly rate they will add extra fees for petrol, stairs, etc. So don’t always settle for the cheapest quote and always ask exactly what is and isn’t covered in the advertised hourly rate.

Inquire About Insurance

One of the most important questions to ask the removalist you intend to hire is if they are bonded and have insurance. A reliable moving company should have both public liability insurance and transit insurance. The latter covers your belongings in case the truck gets involved in an accident while your goods are in transit. No matter how experienced your removalist is, there’s still chance for some hiccups especially when they are on the move. Damages to your goods can be expensive and irreplaceable in some situations. It is therefore imperative to check if the mover can provide insurance so you don’t have to risk your valuables. In addition, if you are moving into an apartment complex with building managers, you will need to provide proof that the company that’s moving you in has public liability coverage.

Experience and Customer Service

Experience is a key factor to consider when hiring a moving company. An experienced removalist will arrive on time and have the trained personnel required to safely pack and load your possessions. It is advisable that you only hire a removalist with at least five years of experience in the industry and willing to provide references to previous clients. Moreover, the customer service must be exceptional. All staff members, from the receptionist who takes your initial call to the personnel who unload your goods at your new home, must be courteous, amiable and able to conduct themselves in a professional manner.

Remember that you’re about to invite the removalist into your home to move your precious belongings so it is important that you feel comfortable in their presence. A company like Prestige Moving that prides itself with superb customer service is the type of removalist that you want taking care of all your stuff. Get in touch with them and let them relieve the stress and hassle of doing the work yourself.