Tips for Safe Piano and Pool Table Removals in Melbourne

Tips for Safe Piano and Pool Table Removals in Melbourne

  • November 14 , 2017
  • Moving  

Pianos and pool tables are both unwieldy and very heavy, not to mention very expensive. They are items wherein it’s always advisable to seek the help of a professional moving company instead of trying to move them yourself. Spending a little extra money on a reliable removal company like Prestige Moving will protect such items that you’ve invested a lot of money on. Consider these moving tips to spare yourself from stress, headaches and potential injury.

Do Some Reading and Research

Specialty moving is something complex. Bear in mind that piano and pool table relocation is not a job that every moving company can take on easily. It involves the use of special equipment and specific moving techniques. Although, most moving firms have the necessary capabilities and infrastructure to handle the job, you’ve got to find one that is really good at it. Therefore, do some reading and research about moving firms if you plan to move large and expensive stuff like a piano or a pool table. Make a list of the companies offering this type of specialty service then talk to each one so you can get a better understanding about their rates, logistics, and storage in case you need it.

Check the Mover’s Credentials

Piano and pool table removalists are required to be duly licensed and registered. To be fair, most movers are legitimate businesses. They take utmost pride in their work and have all the right credentials to protect you and their company. However, make no mistake about it because there are some scammers out there. And simply because someone shows you a piece of paper does not mean that it’s a legitimate certification license or anything else. Confirm the basics by checking the address and the phone number.
It would be great if the mover is accredited by the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA). It only accredits removalists with the necessary staff training, premises, equipment and vehicles required to complete a professional move. In addition, all members of AFRA carry Public Liability Insurance and they are authorised to provide Transit Insurance for all items being moved. Simply put, AFRA is the official body of removal experts that offers protection on the part of consumers.

Know the Equipment and Strategies Used by the Mover

Conduct a detailed discussion about the specific strategies used by the moving company that you intend to hire. In terms of piano removals in Melbourne , there are companies specialising in the transport of grand pianos, upright pianos and pianolas.Note that most fully assembled pianos are not going to fit through doors and around tight corners. The removalist must use high grade packing material and know how to take the components apart, transport and re-assemble them. This involves the use of special tools, boards and wheel dollies that are capable of moving hundreds or even thousands of pounds without causing damage. The next crucial step is the loading procedure which entails the use of custom-made lifts and a hydraulic tailgate. Once your piano has been safely loaded onto the truck, preferably one with airbag suspension, it must be tied securely in place to ensure that it won’t budge and get scratched during transit.As for pool table removals in Melbourne the same basic principles apply, though the whole thing must be taken apart. The legs, the rails, the felt, and the six side pockets must be removed. As with moving a piano, the dismantled table will have to fit through doorways and must be properly secured in the truck. Precise reassembly is critical because the pool table must be absolutely level and there should be no damage to the playing surface.

Verify the Mover’s Insurance Coverage

It is imperative to arrange insurance for your move to cover your piano or pool table in the case of accident, damage or loss. Note that removal companies are not mandated by law to provide insurance for your belongings during a move. Many removalists only have insurance that covers their transport trucks if an accident occurs. However, as previously mentioned, an AFRA accredited company will have Public Liability Insurance and are sanctioned to provide Transit Insurance for all items being moved. Transit cover insures your valuables while they are being packed and moved, including any storage during the process.

An exquisite piano and a competition grade pool table are both significant investments so don’t entrust them to an inexperienced removalist. You need the services of a white glove company like Prestige Moving. Get in touch with them because their personnel are trained to deliver top-notch services by using all the appropriate tools and supplies required to guarantee a safe and secure delivery for your specialty move. Being highly skilled in this line of work, they ensure a safer move at a reasonable price.