What To Think About Before And After Relocating Your Office

What To Think About Before And After Relocating Your Office

  • September 25 , 2017
  • Moving  

If your office or place of business becoming overcrowded? This can be true for companies that are greatly growing in revenue and in turn, hire more staff to increase productivity. If so, then you might need to consider relocating to a building that provides you and your team with more space and room.

It’s a problem, but it’s a good problem to have, as your company is one that is on its way to further success. For the most part, change is a good thing, and should also leave you very excited.

What you need to plan in advance before moving day is the office removal. Here are a few things that the best furniture removalists Melbourne has to offer would consider.

Devise a plan, first and foremost. Treat the process of moving like a project your company might do. There is more to the office removal process than just transporting furniture and equipment, as it also has to do with the culture of your workplace. As the office removal takes place, some employees, unless they are participating in the move, need a place to work, have meetings, and take breaks.

Before the office move takes place, get details on the new space that you plan to move to. Imagine where each desk and chair will go, so you get a good idea of who will work where and how much room your team will have to move about the location. There are some workers who are opposed to the idea of relocating, whether it is because they are too accustomed to the current location or they do not want to drive further to get to work. Asking employees and colleagues on their creative input is never a bad thing as well, as they can feel more content with this decision.

Furthermore, we recommend that you have a figurehead or committee that can be responsible for before, during, and after the move, so that to only is the move a success, but it’s a seamless success. The things this committee should do for you include create a timeline of events and tasks to do throughout the process, obtain or manage moving insurance, fill industry partners, clients, and members in on new addresses, and providing materials that can be used for packing equipment and inventory. Once the whole process is planned out, negotiate with the best furniture removalists Melbourne have to offer to schedule your move to your new building.

Once the moving is complete and all the equipment has been set up, the process is not done quite yet. There might be new rooms or amenities that may come with your new office that most of your employees might not be familiar with. New rooms also might come with new technologies like video conferencing and the sort. You can decide to not do anything with them, or you can consider how they can be used to benefit you, your business, and your team.

Also, it may take some time for employees to get used to their new offices. Some employees will get used to the change much faster than others. The committee that you assign for moving will need to take initiative in requesting feedback about the new location so that any qualities of the new location can be better suited for them. After all, if employees are not content, they are not able to do their best to serve your business.

Take all of this into consideration when planning your move. It is very important for your office removal to be quick, easy, and handled with great care.