Strategies for moving huge objects through small spaces

Strategies for moving huge objects through small spaces

  • November 2 , 2017
  • Moving  

Anyone who’s ever gone through the process of moving from one place to another understands that there are some objects that are much more difficult to move than others. This may include things that are extremely large, or simply odd in shape. Even things that are too wide can prove to be almost impossible to get into your new home. It’s very important to have a strategy for moving the things prior to arriving at your doorstep with them. People have been known to take out sections of walls in an attempt to move in some of their favorite furniture. It’s important to try and avoid this before going to such extreme measures.

This is where a professional moving company can make a huge difference. They can come in and evaluate your space for the types of things that you plan on moving in. They can also make suggestions on the best way to get your large and oddly shaped possessions exactly where they need to go without incident. Sometimes, it’s simply better to trust the professionals rather than trying to take care of everything by yourself. Chances are, they will have encountered similar situations and can help to get you through. Anytime that you plan on moving, whether it’s across the street or across the country, it’s a good idea to consult with the professionals. Trying to do everything by yourself can be incredibly time consuming as well as extremely frustrating. You can end up costing yourself more money by having to make multiple trips and breaking items than you will have spent by just hiring professionals to do the move.

Many of the professional furniture movers in Melbourne have experience removing these types of items. Whether you’re moving into an older home with narrow doorways, or into a newer home that you don’t want to scratch and damage, they’ll have a solution for your moving difficulties. These are just some tips and tricks for moving large or ungainly items into your home:


The last thing that you want to do is arrive at your new home with a sofa that you can’t get inside. Imagine having all of these things unpacked only to have it begin to rain or for the night to be fast approaching and to have no way to get these items into your new home. Always measure the doorways and entrances to your home ahead of time. Knowing what will fit and what you’ll need to work on can give you an idea of how to unpack and unload your items.

Remove Parts

There are times when simply taking the door off its hinges and setting it to the side allows you to move your own furniture into the home. These extra few inches can be just enough to squeeze that wide furniture through a doorway, or to finagle that refrigerator in to your new kitchen. If you are still having difficulty, consider removing the legs on the couch, or the bottom stand on the refrigerator. This can also be done for washers and dryers and any item that might be broken down into two pieces without disrupting its electrical function.

Look for Other Ways In

If the doorways are simply too narrow, don’t break down any walls just yet. Consider looking for windows or for basement access that might allow you to squeeze your furniture in to your home in a more creative way. It can even be possible to hoist the furniture up to a second level in order to get it to a larger window or balcony door.