How to prepare for moving a heavy piano

How to prepare for moving a heavy piano

  • November 13 , 2017
  • Moving  

Transportation of a piano is the ultimate moving challenge. If you are still in possession of a grand piano, consider yourself unfortunate that you need to take this enormous heirloom out of your old home and into your new one.

If you have help, knowledge, and/or experience, which includes movers in Melbourne, reliable friends, safe and durable moving equipment, a vehicle that can haul a piano, cautious behavior, and previous moving experience, each perk can only slightly make this challenge easier for you, but you can pull it off in flying colors regardless.

Without proper moving procedures, there is a lot you have to lose, including your health, time, money, or even a large piano. You would like to move your piano with as little risk as possible, so it is important that you handle it with great care.

Because of a piano’s weight, shape, and complexity, pianos are up there with the likes of sofas, pool tables, kitchen appliances, and hot tubs in regards of moving difficulty. Spinet pianos are the smallest pianos, which weigh in between 130 to 180 kilos. Large pianos range from 225 to 360 kilos. Grand pianos, on the other hand, can weigh up to over 450 kilos, which is half of a ton! With the added weight and bulkiness, these are the hardest to move.

Before the day that you move, get in touch with some friends that may be able to help you in advance. Let them know you need assistance with moving a piano and they should more than likely be able to help you if they were to be available. At least four other people should make a piano leave the house and make it to another house smoothly. Movers in Melbourne should be able to assist you if you do not have enough man power to guide your piano.

Once you have some helping hands to assist you on your move, you would also like to have handy equipment available to make the piano easier to move. A hand truck or moving dolly is a platform with wheels that you can use to easily move a piano across floors and surfaces. Furniture straps are to give lifters a better grip on the pianos so that they can carry the piano with more ease and control.

Furniture straps can also fasten pianos to moving dollies or carts for improved balance and stability.

Furniture blankets are easy to use and will allow heavy furniture to slide across floors with little risk involved. A moving vehicle, such as a pickup truck or moving van will be able to ride the piano from one address to the next. A moving vehicle is an absolute must, while the other three are also highly recommended.

One of the most frequent moving mistakes that movers make is how they dress for the job. You and your friends can easily avoid such a mistake by choosing the right clothes and you move that piano as well as other pieces of heavy furniture. Safety should be a top priority for a gargantuan task such as this.

Instead of baggy clothes, choose more flexible clothes that will allow you to move freely. Your shoes should be comfortable for you to wear, such as tennis shoes and shoes with adequate ankle support. Work gloves are also necessary for grabbing onto the piano, allowing you to get the best grip possible without straining the muscles inside your hands. Avoid wearing any long jewelry, like necklaces and wallet chains that may mistakenly catch onto something and might increase the risk of an accident.