Organizing a Moving Sale

Organizing a Moving Sale

  • December 18 , 2017
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The decision to move usually takes a great deal of planning and a lot of thought. It’s not something that people do on a whim because it sounds like fun. The entire process can be intimidating and difficult. There’s a lot more to packing and moving all of your things than most people realize. If you think it’s something that can be done in a weekend, then you don’t have much experience. It is also important to understand exactly how your current furniture is going to fit into your new surroundings. It can help to take pictures of your new rooms, and then to look at them as you plan now your interior decor. Some people go as far as to enlarge these pictures and to place cutouts of their furniture in order to get an idea of what it will look like. There are also computer programs that can help you to do this. No matter how carefully you plan the interior decor, there are still going to be some major changes needed.

Nobody wants to haul incredibly heavy pieces of furniture that they don’t plan on using. In fact, the less you have to move the easier it’s going to be to get all of your things into your new place. This is why many people consider moving sales as a viable alternative to moving things they don’t need. If there are things you absolutely can’t part with, consider asking a moving company if they also offer storage. Obviously, the best way to successfully move is to hire professionals.

There are cheap removalists in Melbourne who understand the process, and who can get things done quickly and efficiently. Many of these companies can even bring their storage units directly to you. These come in the forms of pods that are large enough to hold all of your things safely and securely. You may have the option of storing your things for a short period of time, or having them placed in a warehouse for much longer. Moving companies are a great way to go, because they can handle all of the stressful parts of the process. This frees you up to figure out all of the other details. If you have items that you don’t plan on taking and you don’t want to store, you may want to consider a moving sale. A moving sale is a great way to raise additional funds for the move, or to get the money you need to replace your furniture when you arrive. These are just a few tips for putting together your sale:


You’re not going to sell anything if nobody knows about your sale. This is why it’s a good idea to advertise in local papers, and popular publications. You may even consider putting up signs to direct people to the location of your sale. List a few of the items that you know will generate interest. This will get people there, and chances are they’ll buy if they show up.

Create Price Lists

Make a detailed list of everything that you plan on selling. Then, assign the price you’d like to get, and the lowest possible price you’ll take for it. This allows anybody helping you with the sale to know exactly how to negotiate. Mark all of the items with the higher end price, and allow the customers to feel like they’re getting a good deal.

Consider Parking and Permits

If you live within city limits or in any kind of town, make sure you contact your local government about any necessary permits for your sale. This helps to avoid problems that can shut you down before you get a chance to make any money.