Moving on a Budget

Moving on a Budget

  • January 25 , 2018
  • Moving  

Whether you’re moving your home or your business premises, there’s one thing that’s almost always guaranteed—moving is expensive. Not only are you purchasing or renting a new place, you also have to pay for all of the necessary steps to get there. Even a move within city limits can be costly once everything’s said and done. Making the decision to move isn’t something that anyone does lightly. It’s often a life changing commitment that’s only decided upon once there’s a definite benefit to you and your family. It’s often influenced by location, the growth of your family, professional opportunities, or just a basic necessity. The best way to save money during the move is to plan as far ahead as possible. In an ideal situation, a person would start the moving process 6-8 weeks before the first box was loaded. This allows for the best possible organization and plenty of time to gather anything that you’ll need for packing and labeling.

Small items can add up fast, quickly eating away at whatever budget you had planned. Some people try to avoid hiring a moving company because they believe that it will save them money. This often has the complete opposite effect. When a person doesn’t know what they’re doing throughout the moving process, it can end up leading to serious mistakes. These mistakes cost more money to correct than it would’ve to just hire professionals in the first place. Lost or broken items can further complicate things when trying to move on your own. No one wants to destroy their heirloom china plates because they failed to properly package them. Losing something priceless is much costlier than hiring a removalist company.

There are cheap movers in Melbourne who can provide a full-service moving package at a more than reasonable price. They can also help to keep you on schedule, and avoid any of the potential disasters that can happen along the way. Many of these companies can also offer the boxes and other supplies in addition to providing a packing service. Not only can they take care of boxing up all of your belongings for you, they’ll bring their own boxes! Moving on a budget can be difficult. Consider some of these tips and tricks that can help keep you under your bottom line:

Sell Things

If there are things that you don’t need, consider organizing a moving sale in order to help pay for the process. These sales often generate more money because they pull items from every part of the home—unlike a garage sale that just takes unwanted items from the surface. If you won’t have room for bulky furniture or the new place comes equipped with appliances, selling these items can bring in enough to pay for professional removalists. It also helps to travel lighter, and means one less heavy item to move.

Buy Groceries

Even if you’re between homes, try to purchase a small amount of non-perishable groceries for your meals instead of eating out. Those take-out bills can add up pretty quickly, and can add hundreds to your cost if the move takes longer than expected. It’s also much healthier just to keep foods on hand.

Stay on Schedule

In worst-case scenarios, people may arrive at their new home before it’s ready for them. The utilities may not be on yet, or repairs could be taking a bit longer than usual. If there’s no provision in the purchase agreement that pays for a hotel stay, then this can turn into a very expensive situation. Always call and confirm that everything is ready for you before making the final trip to your new home.