How to Move a Bulky Couch through a Doorway or Other Narrow Space

How to Move a Bulky Couch through a Doorway or Other Narrow Space

Moving big, clumsy furniture out of your old home and into your new one takes a lot of effort and especially a lot of planning. It is not easy to tell if a couch is able to fit through a doorway, up or down a staircase, or inside of a lift. If you are in the process of moving your furniture out, here are some things you should do to determine if you can maneuver the couch to its new space.

First and foremost, you should measure the couch’s height, length, and width. If the couch’s legs are removable, you should first remove them. If they can’t be removed, you will need to include the legs as you measure, from the floor to the top of the back of the couch.

Next, measure the narrow spaces that you need to get your couch through: doorways, hallways, staircases, and lifts. You will need to know how big the space is so that you can find the best way to move your cough through it. If one of these narrow spaces is too narrow for your couch, you will need some careful and tricky maneuvering. Also, enlist some help from the most professional house movers Melbourne has to offer.

If you couch’s backing is higher than your narrow space’s width, then you must try to get the couch through from its width (back to front). For instance, if a doorway is 100 centimeters wide, and your couch is 96 centimeters wide, you can turn the couch on its back for the best possibly way to get it through. The couch should be able to slide through doorways as long as the space inside has the room for it.

If your couch’s height and width are wider than the width of the door then you will need to get the couch through from its length (side to side). This length will need to be shorter than the door’s height. You will have to prop the couch up on one of its sides and guide it through the doorway with great care. You may need to also remove the door from its hinge so that you have extra room to work with. If you feel uneasy about having to get a couch in or out of a room this way, get some help from the best house movers in Melbourne.

Do not try to move the couch by yourself. This job is a group effort, and you would like as many people available to help you as possible. Having professional movers and friends who are available can decrease the risk of damage to the furniture, the floor, a door, or the wall.

Before you move your couch, be sure to remove all the cushions. These cushions do not make the couch that much heavier to handle, but will make it harder for you to fit the couch through the narrow space, and they may cause distractions, interference or mishap during this task.

To make a couch easier to move, get a furniture dolly with wheels, or you can easily slide the couch across a carpeted room with the help of a large piece of cardboard, blanket or towel.

If your couch is unable to get inside of a certain house or room, then you will need to have professional movers dissemble your sofa and reassemble it in the new home. This will also require the sofa to be reupholstered. This can be a lot to ask for, but if you really want to keep the sofa, then it is worth all of the time and effort to do so.