Commonly Used Moving Equipment

Commonly Used Moving Equipment

  • October 12 , 2017
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Furniture removalists are actually required to do a great deal more work than people give them credit for. They’re often tasked with packing, labeling, and moving all of your personal possessions from point A to point B. Many of these companies will also be expected to have a certain level of accreditation. You want to find the moving company that has an appropriate level of certifications while still maintaining an excellent reputation. When they work with professional agencies, it reflects well on their overall capabilities. They can’t get these certifications unless they have a certain level of training and equipment that meets the expectations of both the certifying entity and their clientele. You want to know that when you call a removalist company, that they’re going to show up ready to handle any job that you throw at them. They’ll also have an understanding of how to move things that are delicate or awkward. This can include everything from artwork, to gym equipment.

Their equipment and skills will go far beyond just moving things after packing them. They’ll also have an understanding of how to protect these things in the process. This will involve an entirely different set of specialized equipment. They’ll need to understand the best way to pack certain items, how to prevent damage while they’re being transported, and exactly how to absorb the impact if there is one. Packing things correctly can help to keep things organised, and to completely minimize any issues that most people experience when moving. Having a professional company do this can make all the difference in the world!

When looking for cheap removals in Melbourne, you want to make sure that they are going to be able to handle what you have to move. You can find companies that are incredibly well priced that can also deal with many of your specialty items. It’s amazing how cost-effective many of the services actually are. This is just some of the equipment that you can expect them to show up with in order to get the job done right:

Lifting Gear

Lifting gear is anything that’s going to be used to get things from their original position and to move them into a more advantageous one. This can include things like upright trolleys, hand trolleys, dollies, flat trolleys and other things like this. Most of these can be slid underneath heavy pieces, and tilted backwards in order to take on the weight of the item. They can then be moved much easier and with very little trouble. Almost every good removalist company is going to have a series of different trolleys or hand carts that they’re able to use. You’ll see them use these for anything from a small stack of boxes to a gigantic refrigerator.

Loading Gear

You’re going to see this in the form of the hydraulic lift gates. These are things that the trolleys can position items on- that will then automatically lift those items level with the bed of the truck. This makes loading and unloading incredibly easy, and prevents serious back injuries. You’re also going to find ramps here that can make up the difference when a liftgate may not work. The ramps can be used to get things in and out of homes when there is a certain level of clearance, and the item would need to be lifted. One item that’s often overlooked is a very simple door stop. This can help in so many ways!

Protective Equipment

This includes things like padding and blankets that can be used to separate the furniture from other pieces. These can prevent scratches, and help to minimise any scuffs or furniture to furniture contact during the overall moving process.