Advanced Prestige Tips to Prepare Your Goods for Storage

Advanced Prestige Tips to Prepare Your Goods for Storage

Moving and packing up your home can throw a lot of challenges. There is plenty to organise and finding the perfect spot to store your belongings can be difficult. Fortunately, there are options available when it comes to storing your possessions, whether it’s for short term or long term. Prestige is a storage company in Melbourne that offers turnkey solutions so you can keep your personal effects safe and secure while in transition.

Modular storage, for instance, allows you to pay for only the precise storage space you need. This means no wasted area and the cost is more affordable on your part. You can make the most of this my optimising the way you pack. Here are some advanced tips from Prestige Moving on preparing your goods for storage.

Determine How Much You Are Moving

Figure out exactly how much you need to store by taking measurements of boxes and furniture. You may try packing a couple of boxes to determine how much space you’ll need and eventually get the correct size of storage unit for all your stuff. Packing may seem like a daunting task, but it gets easier once you start. If you plan early and pack correctly, you’ll be able to save on storage costs and you won’t run out of space when it’s time to move your possessions. It’s likely that you’ll store some goods as part of a bigger move to your new home. In order to ascertain what you need to store, begin separating items that you’ll be using from those that you want to temporarily set aside.

Prepare Your Packing Materials

Using the correct packing materials is part of ensuring that your belongings will be safely stored. Some of these you may already have while others you can avail from your preferred Melbourne storage company. The materials you’ll need include packing paper and bubble wrap for fragile stuff; ziplock bags for small items; packing boxes of different sizes; a trolley for moving large and heavy goods; moving blankets and tools for disassembling furniture.

Box Up With Care

Boxing up your goods correctly requires skill, time and effort. However, it shouldn’t be much of a hassle if you follow these handy tips:   

  • Choose which items you’ll pack and which ones you’ll leave for professional packers.
  • Work room by room and pack one room at a time. Keep all the packed boxes for each room together. This will cut down on time spent packing/ unpacking and makes items easier to find.
  • Create a system by clearly labeling every box you pack. Use color coding to designate the room for each box. Label boxes with its contents instead of just the room where it belongs.
  • Dismantle furniture and items that easily come apart. Place removable components like bolts and screws in plastic bags then securely tape the bags to larger pieces of furniture.
  • Save on space by packing things inside baskets, suitcases and laundry bins.
  • Pack neatly by using white paper sheets as newspaper will most likely leave stains.
  • Evenly distribute weight by placing heavier items on the bottom and lighter ones on top; pack small and soft items around bigger ones to serve as buffer.
  • Reinforce all boxes by securely taping the top, bottom and the sides.
  • Don’t overfill boxes because they may become too heavy to lift and carry.
  • Clean and dry electrical equipment to prevent the growth of mould and mildew.
  • Take a photo of the cords and connections before dismantling computer and electronics to help you remember where the wires go.
  • For white goods like freezers, fridges and washing machines, leave the door slightly ajar to prevent build up of mould. White goods must also be cleaned thoroughly prior to storage to reduce odours.
  • Don’t pack dangerous items like corrosive, explosive, flammable, toxic, spontaneously combustible and water-reactive goods.
  • Mark boxes with delicate items as ‘fragile’.

How to Stack Your Storage Unit

Your storage unit has lots of clearance going vertical, so maximise space upwards. Use as much floor space as possible by starting stacking from the rear. Place items you won’t need at the back and pack those you may want to access more often close to the front of the unit. Place tall items near the side walls and at the rear to make it easier to see around the unit. This also makes it easier to carry smaller and lighter items in and out of the unit as needed.

If you follow the tips above, things should go smoothly and stress-free. If you still need help, contact Prestige Moving and we would be more than willing to lend a hand. From affordable storage solutions, to purchase of boxes/packing materials and assistance with moving your valuables, the team at Prestige is always ready to help. While our storage rates are 50% cheaper than other companies, rest assured that we always provide a premium service.