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Prestige Moving Terms and Conditions
All Services
  • Fair & reasonable access at both the pickup and delivery address’s.
  • The works being completed Monday to Friday between 7am & 5pm (Our standard business hours).
  • We charge a minimum toll fee of $30.00 + GST when our vehicles are required to travel on toll roads.
  • A credit card/merchant fee applies for all credit card transactions being 1.86% for Visa/Mastercard & 1.5% for American Express
  • If our staff exceed 8 hours of work or work outside the hours of 7am – 5pm we then charge an overtime rate of 50% loading on top of the quoted hourly rate.
Local & Country Removals
  • We charge a minimum of 4 hours work when billing Door to Door & a minimum of 2 hours work when billing Depot to Depot.
  • Excluding account customers, payment to be made via cash or c/card upon completion of works each day.
  • If additional work hours are required to complete the relocation which exceed the work hours quoted, you will be charged as per our standard schedule of rates.
  • We charge per hour in .25 hour increments until all works have been completed which includes bill calculation & processing of payment.
  • We charge an overnight storage fee of $100.00 + GST for any goods that are held overnight at our depot.
Interstate Removals
  • Excluding account customers, payment is to be made in full upon collection, we only accept payment via cash or c/card.
  • For all interstate consignments we charge per cubic metre of space used in the Truck, this includes furniture protection used and unusable space as per our standard schedule of rates.
  • The above rates are based on collections and deliveries being completed within a 30 km radius of the CBD in each State, any additional travel time will be charged per hour according to our standard schedule of rates plus a fuel levy charge of 65 cents per km.
  • Our cubic metre rate is based on 6 minutes of load/unload time per cubic metre of goods, any additional time spent will be charged per hour in .25 hr increments according to our standard schedule of rates.
  • There is a minimum charge of 3 cubic metres per consignment.
Mobile Serviced & Self Storage
  • There is a minimum storage charge of $10 + GST Per week
  • Self Storage customers must have a sufficient area for the storage unit to be placed at their premises & within their properties fence line/boundary.
  • Self Storage units are permitted onsite for a maximum of 48 hours, extra charges apply for any additional time.
  • We have a minimum charge of 1 month storage per storage unit which is to be paid upfront upon the booking.
  • Storage accounts must be paid up to date prior to gaining access to or the delivery of goods.
  • If a customer commits to a minimum 6 or 12 months of storage (dependent on the storage unit size) and the call out fee is discounted or waived, the remainder of the storage fee (up to 6 or 12 months) will be payable upon early vacate of storage.
  • Our storage charges will be as quoted to you for the first 12 weeks of storage. After 12 weeks, we may change the storage charges from time to time.
  • All packing quilts and ties supplied with storage units upon vacate must be stacked and folded as originally provided. Otherwise a $50.00 + GST fee will be charged per unit.
  • A $25.00 + GST storage unit lift fee applies each time a storage unit is accessed or transported to or from our facility.
  • We require 48 hours notice to gain access to your storage unit.
  • Access is strictly Monday to Friday between 9am and 3pm.
  • Any booking cancellations require a minimum of 24 hours notice during normal business hours (Monday to Friday) from the time the booking was scheduled for or a cancellation fee of $100 + GST will apply.
  • Please be advised your property & goods are not insured for any loss or damage whilst being handled by yourself or one of your representatives. We take responsibility for damage to property & goods due to negligence only. Our legal liability is assured at departure of your goods whilst in transit and storage.