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  • Mobile Serviced Storage
  • Mobile Self Storage
  • Onsite Serviced & Self Storage
  • Shipping Container Storage
  • Palletized/Warehouse Storage


  • Every storage service available
  • 50% CHEAPER than Competitors
  • Avoid double handling costs
  • Custom made storage units
  • Furniture protection provided

Storage Services Middle Park

Prestige Moving has become a cornerstone of the Middle Park community, connecting homes and businesses with the logistics and storage resources local residents need to keep their plans moving forward. We are proud to offer the local community access to our signature suite of services and specialized equipment designed to deliver the ideal outcome on every task entrusted to our expertise.

The Prestige name garners respect in the area for our dedication to the highest calibre of service in self-storage and mobile storage, delivering peace of mind for our customers as well as secure storage for their goods. We provide a convenient onsite storage solution using our high capacity steel storage containers, and our facility is monitored 24 hours a day for your constant protection.

Every onsite and mobile storage solution offered by Prestige has been specially selected for its durability, security, and elemental resistance. These heavy duty units are built with internal tie rails to offer stability while your goods are in transit, and are also equipped with padlock protectors compatible with our locks as well as locks you may already own. Store expensive electronics, specialized equipment, and rare collectibles in confidence with us.

All of the equipment employed by our experienced staff in the transportation and storage of your items is selected for its performance in action, giving our staff the tools they need to address your most challenging logistics concerns. Our fleet is made up of late model transport vehicles with associated records of regular service to ensure they are ready for service when you rely on us for your transportation needs.

The suburb of Middle Park has long been able to depend on individualized service whenever the Prestige name is called upon. Our mobile storage and facility storage resources are both outstanding options for local homes and businesses in need of space and security for their most indispensable goods, and our approach to customer service is also reflected in our standard rates for service, which can be 50 percent lower than the competition.

The staff at Prestige understands that your goods are important to you, and so we only handle them using the highest quality transport materials on the market. From durable cardboard boxes and high quality packing tape to our custom designed felt furniture wraps that wrap your items in a reliable layer of protection, you can rest assured that your goods will arrive at their destination in perfect condition.

The dedicated Prestige team has the stated goal of standing as Middle Park’s premier service provider for transport, storage, and logistics. We work tirelessly each day to uphold our exceptional standard of service, and our staff can provide guidance to the ideal solutions for your individual need. Call today for a free consultation.

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