The ultimate first night in your new house checklist

The ultimate first night in your new house checklist

Moving into a new home can be stressful and exciting, often in equal measure. After months of preparation and weeks of packing, you’re finally ready to settle in and enjoy nesting. Moving into a new home can also be a little confronting, however, with boxes everywhere, cleaning to take care of, and family members unable to find their favourite possessions. If you want to make this transition as smooth and stress-free as possible, it’s important to get organised and follow a new house checklist based on the following areas of focus.

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The essentials

From mobile phones and chargers through to toothbrushes and toilet paper, there are some things in life that you simply can’t live without. These necessary items are often packed in an essentials box or “first-night” bag, which should never leave your side. You don’t want to spend the first night in your new home rummaging through dozens of boxes just to find some batteries for your torch. Think ahead, create a list of essentials, and make a “first night” bag that leaves nothing to the imagination.

– toothpaste

– toilet paper

– hand soap

– hand towels

– pyjamas and clothing

– batteries

– torches and light bulbs

– water bottles

– snacks

– rubbish bags

– devices and chargers

– first aid and medications

Taking care of the family

Taking care of your family during a move can be stressful, especially if you’ve got young children. While everyone will be excited to move in, a new home can feel empty and lack personality. Packing toys and books for your kids is a great way to help them settle in, with bedding, clothing, and other familiar items also giving them a sense of confidence.

Young children may be particularly sensitive to the new conditions, so find some time amidst the chaos to help them feel at home. It’s usually a good idea to pack these items in their own labelled boxes to make them easier to find on your first night.

– devices and chargers

– books and pens

– toys

– soft toys and dolls

– favourite snacks and drinks

– night lights

– baby food and supplies

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Eating and drinking

Whether you like it or not, you need to keep eating and drinking even when you’re busy. This is especially true if you’ve got kids, with food one of the best ways to settle them into their new home. Labelling your food and kitchen boxes properly is a good idea, with every room in your new house needing to be packed separately. While you should always put snacks and water bottles in your essentials box, it’s also important to think about your first evening meal and breakfast on the first morning.

Kitchen and food boxes will always be required early, so label them accordingly and instruct your moving company to place them in a location that is easy to access. While you can probably do without the barbecue or slow cooker for a few days, you’re likely to need plates, cutlery, tea and coffee facilities, and food.

If you’re moving to a city or large town, it may be possible to order take away food on the first night, something that is sure to make the family happy and give you more time to unpack and take care of other tasks.

– plates and cutlery

– tea and coffee facilities

– pet food if required

– snacks for kids

– esky to keep food cold before fridge is unpacked

– paper towels and sponges

– cups and glasses

– beer or wine for a quiet celebration

Cleaning and practical items

Whether you’re moving into an inner-city apartment or a large three-bedroom house, some form of cleaning and maintenance will be required. While the previous owners or renters would have been required to leave the place clean, as we all know, everyone has a different idea of what is clean and what is not.

Even when a place is clean, many people prefer to give it a quick wipe down with their favourite cleaning products just to make sure. Along with cleaning, there may also be some practical tasks to take care of, such as turning on utility boxes, accessing hot water systems, and looking at security systems.

– cleaning supplies

– rubbish bins and bags

– scissors

– pliers, wrenches and screwdrivers

– pen and paper

– torches

– cash and documents


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