Packing Valuables and Fragile Items

Packing Valuables and Fragile Items

We’ve all had experience packing our lives away into boxes to travel to a new place. Sometimes this is a highly organized process, but more often than not we are stuck trying to make last-minute Arrangements. Moving is an extremely difficult process and one that requires a lot more planning than most of us give it. It’s very exciting to find a new place, and this sometimes overshadows the process of actually packing and moving things into that place.

There are some things to remember when trying to prepare yourself for a move. It can be an extremely overwhelming process, and it’s tempting just to throw as much stuff into a box as you can.

Unfortunately, this sometimes results in the loss of valuables and things that were too fragile to be treated this way.

A professional moving company can solve many of these issues for you. There are some that can provide services that span from packing to unpacking. They can organize everything for you, and they have the tools to adequately protect all of your belongings. This means that you’ll deal with less damage during the move, and it will be a much more efficient process. It’s also a lot less stressful when you can trust a good moving company to handle all of those things for you. All you have to worry about is preparing your new space to receive all of your belongings.

Naturally, there are probably some things that you’re going to want to pack yourself. These are things that you may need to store separately, or that you’d like to protect personally. This often involves things that are extremely fragile or family heirlooms. Some moving companies actually provide services for these items as well. If you are calling for removals and storage in Melbourne, ask about their range of services and see what they can help you with. If you do insist on handling your valuables yourself, these are just some tips for packing particularly fragile items:


If you’ve ever invested in real makeup then you understand how expensive and fragile it can be. Amassing a true makeup collection involves a lot of different products that you definitely don’t want to lose or see broken in a move. These aren’t necessarily things that you’re going to use on a daily basis, so it’s okay to have them packed and shipped separately. It’s important to keep these very still to prevent the powders from breaking. Try putting cotton balls or excess makeup pads inside to stabilize the product and to stop it from crumbling. If you have lipsticks or other products that can be damaged by heat, make sure to keep them in an environmentally controlled area. Wrap all of it in Saran Wrap tightly, and then place it in a padded case.

Jewelry Display

If you have all of your personal jewelry arranged in such a way that it’s easily accessible to you, it may be difficult to take this whole Arrangement apart. Try using press and seal to hold all of the pieces in their place. Make sure to wrap this tightly in Saran Wrap without bending or breaking any of the pieces that you’re trying to preserve. Then, put this into a box that is lined with some sort of foam or bubble wrap.

Family Pictures

If you have Irreplaceable family pictures or documents, it’s a good idea to store and carry these separately. They need to go into a fireproof lock box that won’t allow them to be exposed to any kind of moisture. Preserving these one-of-a-kind products is extremely important.