Hints on how to move a piano

Hints on how to move a piano

Hints on how to move a piano

Moving a piano is one of the most difficult jobs you will face when you are moving house. It is very dangerous, so it’s a very good idea to leave it to our professional removal company who know how to move a piano and have all the right equipment for the job.

However, if there are circumstances where you need to move your piano yourself, it is essential to do it right. Here is some good information about how to move a piano.

Planning to move the piano

Before you get started, you’ll need to do your measurements. Firstly, measure the dimensions of the piano. Then measure all the door frames it will have to get through to make sure it will actually fit.

Once you have done this, you need to plan your movements carefully. Remove any obstructions that could get in the way while you are moving the piano. All rugs need to be moved safely out of the way, along with any furniture that could block your path or cause an accident. Ideally, the piano needs to be moved on hard floors, not carpet, so it’s advisable to take your carpets up if you have them.


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What you will need

The most important thing you will need is a reliable strong team of helpers. It takes at least four people to move a piano, due to its size and weight. A small upright piano weighs, on average, around 130kg. If you are moving a grand piano, you could be dealing with a weight of as much as 500kg. This is why it’s advisable to use  Prestige Moving for this heavy job. Using Our experienced team greatly reduces the risk of anyone getting hurt or the piano getting damaged.

Everyone involved in the job must wear sturdy shoes that will offer their feet some protection in the event of an accident.

You will also need suitable transportation for the piano. It is no use trying to move it on its castors. These are mainly decorative rather than functional so you won’t get very far! You will either need a four-wheeled furniture dolly or if possible, a specialist piano dolly. A piano dolly slides under each end of the piano and the electronic mechanism of the dolly lifts the piano onto the wheels so it can be transported safely. However, this is a specialist piece of equipment which can be hard to find to hire.

Preparing your piano to be moved

Close the lid of the piano and lock it if possible. If your lid does not lock, tape it shut securely. Make sure to use tape that won’t leave marks or damage the piano’s varnish, such as masking tape.

Now wrap furniture blankets around the whole body of the piano, to protect it during the move. Secure the blankets in place tightly with packing tape.

Coordinating the move

Before you move the piano, it is important to coordinate the moving plan with your friends. Each person needs to know exactly what they are doing so there are no hesitations or mistakes and everything goes according to plan.

If the piano has to be moved down any steps outside your front door, you will need to set up ramps before you start. These should be proper metal ramps – trying to use makeshift materials carries too much risk of an accident.

However, a ramp is only suitable for moving a piano up or down two or three steps. If you need to move the piano up or down a full-sized staircase, the only way you can do this is to carry it. This is very dangerous, even for four or more people. In these circumstances, you would be well advised to use Prestige Moving the experienced Piano Movers.

Moving the piano

Your helping team need to lift the piano altogether onto the dolly. Make sure you coordinate the lift so everyone is taking the strain. Use the strength from your legs rather than your back.

Once the piano is on the dolly, secure it tightly in place with the dolly straps. You can then push the dolly out to our moving truck – take your time and make sure everyone is comfortable.

Your piano must be one of the first items you load into the truck. The safest way to transport it and protect it from damage is to position it upright against the back wall of the truck, held securely in place with furniture straps and ropes. You can then prevent it from moving during transit by placing plenty of other furniture in front of it.

You will need to use a ramp to get the piano into our truck. Some of your friends will need to get into the truck first. Some should stay behind the piano so it can be pushed and pulled into the truck at the same time. This can be a difficult job for anyone who hasn’t had the experience on how to move a piano before. Once it’s in our truck, remove it from the dolly and secure the piano to the back wall of the truck, with all of your friends lifting the piano off the dolly together.

When you arrive at your new home

You will need to reverse the process to get your piano into your new home safely. It’s likely to be out of tune after the move because its strings will have been loosened. However, do not call the tuner straight away, leave it for 4 weeks giving the piano and you time to settle into your new home.

If you’d like more advice about how to move a piano, or you would prefer our very experienced company to move it carefully for you, please do not hesitate to contact our professional team . who will be delighted to assist you.


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