Five Tips to Consider While Choosing a Furniture Removalist

  • February 21 , 2018
  • Moving  

You have concluded that you have to move from your current house and now puzzled on where to start. Moving from one house to another is a tough thing to do, especially when you have so much furniture. It is even more stressful when you have to move long distances. Friends and family can help you out but be sure some will get tired along the way, and many things can be spoilt in the long run. The only best option is to get professional removalists who will ensure your furniture and other things are well packaged without causing damages. Here are tips to help you choose the best furniture removalists:


What is the word on the street about these movers? Ask your friends and family if they moved recently and what their experience was like. If you cannot reach someone who has recently moved, then an online review is the way to go. Remember to consider the most recent reviews. You will need to look at things like how long have they been around, the size of the vehicle (especially when you have large furniture to move), and a physical office you can take complains if any.

Insurance Cover

Everything you own might not be expensive, but we are sure it is valuable to you. The removalist company should be able to offer insurance for all your furniture just in case something gets lost, or an accident happens, and things get damaged. It does not matter if they insure your property themselves or a third party is involved. Just get the insurance and sign it. Do not forget to check whether everything is included on the list.

Accurate Cost Estimation

Before you move, you must be visited by the moving company to give you an estimate of the moving cost so that you can compare it with your budget. Though it is a challenge getting the correct estimation, it will be close enough to know where you can range your cost plans.

Can You Get Extra Service?

The work is not only related to packing and carrying furniture. Unpacking and arranging the house is another issue altogether. Since this industry is competitive just like other businesses, some offer extra features like unpacking and offer the accessories for packaging. As you look for the best furniture removalist services, ask whether they offer extra features so that you can pick the one that favors you most.

Are they Certified?

The relevant government bodies should have certified or given accreditation to the removalist company to help you understand how long they have been in the market and whether they can offer the services they are claiming to offer. They must have the right vehicle, premises and the best equipment to ensure that the move is professional.

Moving from house to house can be a challenging task, but it is easy if you get the right people to help you out. Now that you have a checklist it will be easier for you to pick the right removalist.

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